Thanks for buying ‘Get Your Peas In A Row – 5 key factor to propel your business forward’

I’ve prepared a few bonuses for you, to complement the book, and to help you get the most from it:

The Business Growth Readiness Checklist:

With any journey, it’s as important to know exactly where you are NOW as it is to be clear where your going. Why? Because your starting point determines the first stage of that journey.

This checklist provides a unique set of questions to get you thinking deeply about where you and your business are now.


A series of worksheets and templates, straight from the book itself

Growth Readiness Videos:

This series of videos supplements the checklist, providing a thought framework for those really serious about their onward business journey.

A Mini-training on Delegation:

One of the skills that leaders often struggle with is how to delegate. This mini training, including videos on proven best practice techniques (the same ones I’ve taught at major corporates) will help you get it right first time.


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