A book by annabelle Beckwith

Get your peas in a row

5 key factors to propel your business forward

This is a book specially for entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t follow the herd, who are ready for transformational scale-up growth and change, and who are prepared to think differently to achieve their personal and business goals….

For corporates, it provides a framework for building entrepreneurial thinking in your organisation...


Get Your Peas In a Row focuses on 5 key principles – The Five Peas Framework ™

Get Your Peas In a Row focuses on 5 key principles that form a flexible and practical framework for sustainable personal and business growth.

Throughout the book, you’re given questions to consider and activities to undertake all of which will give you a clearer insight into your own personal purpose and direction, and how to grow your business sustainably and successfully.

Get Your Peas

The 5 Key Principles:

Yes, it’s Personal.

The first of the 5 ‘P’s focuses on YOU as a business leader:

  • Clarity around your personal goals and how these align with your business.
  • Courage: beating impostor syndrome and building the confidence to lead.
  • Capability: understanding what you need to learn, which skills you can leverage for the future… and what you need to leave behind because it no longer serves you.
  • Character: deciding the legacy you want to build for the long term.

Are YOU ready to scale up and grow?

My Growth Readiness Checklist will set you off on the right track by focusing you on some of the less than obvious - but none the less crucial – factors you need to consider in order to ensure strong and sustainable business growth.

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